One Family's Terrifying Stalker Story Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie


Is there a crazy stalker on the loose in New Jersey? One family seems to think so.

Three days after purchasing a $1.3 million dream home in Westfield, New Jersey, a family began receiving threatening letters from someone identified only as "the Watcher.”

The letters became increasingly violent and personal, and they made repeated references to the family's “young blood” -- signaling to the parents a person was indeed watching their children closely.

In one particularly creepy instance, the Watcher wrote,

The victimized family is reportedly filing a lawsuit against the previous owners, who they say were aware of the stalker and even received a letter from him or her just days before the home's closing.

The Watcher's true identity is still unknown.

As a result, the family postponed the move, fearful for what might happen if they were to stay in the large home.

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