Escaped Pet Pig Poops In Back Of Police Car And Looks So Happy About It


An escaped pig with a bad attitude has the best mugshot of the year.

In Shelby Township, Michigan, a pet pig known as Daisy escaped her home Thursday and went for a walk.

Local Debbie DeRiemaecker reported the pig ran toward her while she worked in the front yard, but then it become distracted by an "lawn ornament."

Police soon arrived at DeRiemaecker's home and pulled the pig into the backseat of their vehicle.

As one officer snapped a photo of the seemingly grinning pig, the animal chose to eliminate all over the car's backseat.

Deputy Chief Mark Coil told the Detroit News this is far from his first pig, adding,

The pig has since been returned to her owners, but not before she left behind a story -- and a mess -- that got a whole town talking.

If this is a pig that looks like she's got an amusing secret, that's because she does.


She had to go.


It was certainly a strange day for Officer Treworgy, the policeman who filmed his unlikely passenger.

The pig's owner volunteered to clean the filthy squad car.


And the Shelby Township Police Department has never been so popular -- or entertaining.


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