Single People Who Flirt Using Emoji Are More Likely To Get Laid

Whether you love or loathe the poop emoji, it's helping to get you laid.

According to's 2014 Singles in America survey, which polled more than 5,600 singles, 54 percent of those flirtatiously using emoji had sex this past year.

Laugh all you want, but compare that to the fact only 31 percent of non-emoji users managed to achieve the no-pants dance with someone else.

Helen Fisher, an anthropology professor from Rutgers University who aided with the survey, believes emoji help us connect and share nuanced feelings that are often difficult to communicate through texting and social media.

In a press release, she said,

Technology is dramatically changing how we court, but it can't change the brain systems for romance and attachment.

And, jokes aside, the survey indicates it's not just one-night stands users seek, but relationships and eventual marriage.

In its fifth year, the survey is more comprehensive than ever. And with nearly one-third of Americans adults single, now is your time to pounce.

Dating without using emoji is practically taboo.

Most singles avoid using the "female" emoji to try and get a date.

Men are all about the kiss emoji.

While women play it coy with the "smiley."

But "Most Popular Emoji" goes to the wink, which can indicate anything from a brunch date to a late-night hookup.

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