Baby Elephant Reunites With Mom After Being Sold For Tourist Rides (Video)

Another day, another adorable baby animal video.

This one comes to us courtesy of Thailand's Elephant Nature Park, and features the heartwarming moment two elephants --mother and child -- reunite after four years apart.

In 2011, baby elephant Me-Bai was taken from her mother, Mae Yui, and sold to give rides to tourists.

After four years of tirelessly carrying tourists around Thailand, Me-Bai was released and rescued by the Elephant Nature Park as part of their Pamper A Pachyderm program.

Staff hoped to reunite the newly freed elephant with her estranged mother, who lived in a distant village.

On Friday, after a three-day journey (on foot), Me-Bai and Mae Yui finally reunited.

Watch the love-filled footage up top, and learn more about the Elephant Nature Park and its elephant rescue initiatives here.

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