8th Grader Faces Felony Charges For Changing Teacher's Computer Screen

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This story is proof that the country's legal system is f*cked beyond belief.

One eighth grader got slammed with felony charges after pulling a seemingly harmless prank on a teacher he said was annoying.

The student, 14-year-old Domanik Green, broke onto a teacher's laptop at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, FL, to change his desktop background to a picture of two men kissing.

According to authorities, the (rather immature) student also hacked into the school's encrypted system, gaining access to private information including student grades and the teacher's personal files.

Domanik maintains, however, that the stunt was merely an innocent prank.

He said,

I was trying to annoy my teacher. I wasn't really thinking.

Nonetheless, he was arrested on Wednesday and charged with unauthorized access to a computer system, which is a third-degree felony.

After his arrest, Domanik was detained but released to his mother's care later that day. He's been suspended from school; further punishment is likely, pending the trial.

And there you have it: perhaps the single biggest waste of tax dollars ever.

Thanks, Florida. You suck.

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