Drunk Teen Passes Out In Cab And Ends Up Watching TV At Driver's House (Photo)

by Sean Levinson
Mike Allison

Britain's Mike Allison was ready to call it a night after celebrating a friend's birthday in Manchester earlier this month.

It was around 4 am when the 18-year-old and his buddies got into a mini-bus taxi, which took them back to their temporary residence.

Allison's friends got out of the cab when they arrived, but he did not.

He told Buzzfeed,

When we got back to where we were all staying, everyone got off the mini-bus, but none of my mates checked if I had got off it. I was asleep, head in my knees, hunched over, on the far back left side of the taxi, so the driver couldn't see me.

The taxi driver drove back to his own house, completely unaware Allison was there.

He woke up at about 4:30 am when he heard the vehicle shutting off.

He said,

As you would expect I sh*t myself! I looked around and couldn't see anyone, and so thought one of my drinks had been spiked and that I had been kidnapped or something.

Allison decided he didn't want the driver to take him home after hearing the ride would cost him the equivalent of around $75.

None of his friends answered their phones due to the late hour.

But the taxi driver wanted to lock up the vehicle, so he asked Allison to come inside his Stretford home.

He admitted to Buzzfeed,

I really didn't think it was a good idea, but still being drunk, I thought it was still quite funny.

The driver offered Allison tea and some food once they were inside.

He ended up staying there for nearly an hour watching the British dating game show "Take Me Out."

Allison uploaded a photo of the driver to his Twitter profile that quickly went viral.

Fell asleep in the taxi and none woke me up. Now I'm back at the taxi man's house in Stretford watching take me out — Mike Allison (@mikeallison67) February 1, 2015

A ride home was secured, but the taxi driver refused to give Allison his address, telling him to be picked up at a nearby school instead.

That wouldn't have been a problem if Allison's phone hadn't died.

He had no idea where this school was, so he walked around an unfamiliar town for two hours before finding his ride.

Allison said,

The moral of the story is: Don't fall asleep in taxis!

His 20s will hopefully find him better friends who won't leave him in a taxi when he's too drunk to move.

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