Drug Dealer Shows Off His Luxurious Life In Prison On Social Media (Photos)

As a prisoner with a gaming console, television and Facebook access, Jason Crocker has some explaining to do.

Metro reports Crocker sparked outrage after photos showing a cushy prison lifestyle with all the amenities were posted to his private social media accounts.

The 36-year-old prisoner, who is serving a five-year sentence for his career as a heroin dealer, even included a selfie or two.

The images, which appear to have been shot between last October and now, seem to span two different prisons, according to the Western Daily Press.

Crocker is no stranger to breaking prison rules.

Last year, he was reportedly discovered with a Blackberry.

He's also received extra time for being caught on dating websites.

Skype from prison? It was no problem for Crocker.

Prison staff assured press Crocker will be punished appropriately for the swanky life he's covertly living.

Crocker, imprisoned in 2013, even has his own headlines up on the wall.

Humility is for those who don't possess every comfort money can buy.

As the prison scrambles to punish Crocker, it's unclear if administrators are angrier at the violations or the fact that they were revealed to the public.

Certainly, this is prison like you've never seen it.

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