'Masturbation Is Good For Your Health': From Diabetes To Cancer, You Won't Believe What It Helps Prevent

Tossing it, jacking off, Hangelina, Palmela, flicking the bean, beating the meat, jerking beef, diddling, rubbing it out, nutting, stroking, snake massage, flicking the bic, pocket billiards.

There are seemingly infinite euphemisms for masturbation, suggesting that we as a society feel awkward addressing the topic directly. It is an activity that often gets marginalized or shushed, and is viewed as a sin by many religious denominations.

New evidence, however, suggests we should all get a little more intimate with ourselves, and celebrate the benefits.

Research by Spring Chenoa Cooper and Anthony Santella reports that 85% of women and 94% of men in the US admit to masturbating with some frequency. There are a wild amount of positive health ramifications, flying contrary to old wives' tales repressing sexuality that suggested masturbation could cause blindness, insanity, infertility or sexual organs to fall off.

Health benefits of masturbation include reducing the risk of cervical and urinary tract infections due to “tenting,” an element of female arousal that opens up the cervix and enhances circulation of bodily fluids.

The risk of prostate cancer in men has been shown to reduce with masturbation, theorized to be because of a similar circulation effect as in women.

Type-2 diabetes and insomnia are both lessened by habitual masturbation, and the function of the immune system can be improved by the higher cortisol levels associated by masturbation. Similarly, evidence demonstrates that the effects of depression can be mitigated by the endorphins released by orgasm.

So… maybe you should go exercise the old forearm and open up an incognito tab?

Via: Daily Mail, Top Photo Courtesy: BuzzSugar