Powerful Video Compares The Lives Of Black And White People

In Brave New Films' latest video, "Racism Is Real," we follow the lives of two adults through identical scenarios.

The catch: One of the adults is white, the other, black.

The video's goal is to illustrate how pervasive racism continues to be even in 2015.

To back up this argument, the video cites studies, such as one from The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business that states résumés with "black-sounding" names are 50 percent less likely to be called back than identical résumés with "white-sounding" names.

The video ends with a simple statement: Racism isn't over.

It's embarrassing that we continue to discriminate based on something as arbitrary as skin color, even after all these years. Embarrassing and scary.

Let's not wait any longer; the time for change is now.

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