Smokers Rejoice! There Are Now Dating Sites That Help Stoners Meet Other Stoners

If your hobbies including rolling joints, smoking weed and eating pizza rolls, there's a dating site for you.

Three years ago, 420Singles founder Ryan Moxon dreamed of meeting the perfect girl. But Moxon had to know she'd be down with his weed habit.

So the 28-year-old created a website dedicated to "420 friendly" singles who want "fun dating, fun times and fun people." Reuters reports that the website has garnered over 23,000 members.

As marijuana becomes legal in some states and simply socially acceptable in others, 420Singles is only the first of several stoner dating sites to spring up.

My420Mate, created by Miguel Lozano, is also catering to the laid-back dating world of stoners. The service calls itself the "Cupids of Cannabis."

A rave review from Jules T., a satisfied customer, reads,

I was new to Cali and wanted to find someone with similar interests as me. My420Mate helped me find my love and now we burn together everyday [sic]!

The websites emphasize that it's not necessarily about smoking constantly; the mindset is also important. In addition to everyday stoners, 420Singles invites those who support marijuana legalization to join.

Corey, an anonymous My420Mate user, told Reuters that he likes the freedom of dating within a pot-friendly pool. The common lifestyle means a great deal to him.

He said,

When I go out with buddies who get wasted on alcohol, it can be embarrassing. With my cannabis-smoking pals, we relax and let the creativity unroll.

If the laid-back stoner lifestyle calls to you, find a mate who shares your passion on a 420-friendly dating website.

H/T: Reuters, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It