How To Break Necks: Danish Model Walks Around With Her Top Painted On (Video)

by Alexia LaFata

To generate hype for a new Danish dating show, a Danish model walked around the streets of Copenhagen with a black Chanel shirt painted onto her naked body.

At first glance, the "shirt" looks real, but upon closer inspection, you'll notice that it's a bit too tight to be made of real fabric. And, those nipples are a bit too prominent to be under a shirt.

The model strolled along the sidewalks, casually listening to music. Naturally, she got plenty of strange looks -- some were looks of sheer embarrassment and others were amusement (and probably arousal, if we're being honest, because this girl is hot.)

At one point, she sat at a cafe and ordered a drink. The patrons in the restaurant looked onward, giggling to themselves and pointing. Eventually, she took a napkin and rubbed a little part of the shirt off to reveal her bare skin, which shocked the customers even more.

Danish production company, Eyeworks Denmark, producer Trine Frovin wanted to "make some noise" for a new dating show, since many networks are hosting casting calls for their own shows this summer.

She said,

We decided to think less as TV people and more like advertising and do something different. My producer Stine Stahr came up with this great idea. The exact content of the show has yet to be revealed, but I can say that we want people to date in a new and fair way where the focus is on the personality - not looks, appearance or personal branding. The girl in the video is a model because, although we are casting for ordinary people, we needed someone bold enough to take a stroll one of the busiest streets of Copenhagen.

The video of the gorgeous model taking a nonchalant stroll already has over 190,000 views on YouTube.

I suppose this is what happens when you send a nearly-naked blonde bombshell to walk along the busy streets of a bustling European town.