Dad Teaches His Lying Son A Lesson By Planning To Murder His 'Bully' (Video)

Among parents' most important duties is teaching their child, or children, right from wrong.

The father in the video up top took that lesson a little too far when punishing his son for lying.

The boy tells an elaborate made-up story about a bully, only admitting the story is a joke once his father begins to react.

To teach his son not to lie, the dad feigns extreme anger and says he's going to beat up the family of the kid who scared his son.

While he outlines his plan -- which includes “beat[ing] up the whole frickin' family” -- his son frantically tries to convince his dad the story is a lie.

Laughing, the father concedes and says,

You see what happens when you lie? Don't lie again.

His son is a good sport about the whole thing, but if you ask us, joking about shooting people for revenge is probably not the best parenting approach (unless you want to traumatize your child).

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