This Creepy Crawler Will Haunt Your Nightmares For The Rest Of Your Life

Biology nerds will be fascinated while the rest of the world will cringe at this atrocious creature exhibiting its primary weapon.

The animal's exact name isn't clear (it also isn't clear if CGI was used in this video), but the uploader claims it's a type of marine ribbon worm.

According to Daily Mail, the web-like substance is the worm's proboscis, and this is a nose-like feature that can be turned inside out like the finger hole of a glove.

It is shot out when the worm feels threatened, or it's used to catch prey. The proboscis ensnares the prey and brings it to its mouth in a matter of seconds.

This worm appears to be detached from its proboscis, suggesting another one forms inside its body soon after.

Reportedly, some of these beasts can be as long as 98 feet despite having bodies no wider than a few millimeters.

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