This New Shop Is The Sephora Of All-Natural And Cruelty-Free Beauty

Clean beauty isn't just a trend. As minimalism takes over clothing and technology, we're bound to want the same for our skin.

Fashionista reports the Internet's newest boutique cosmetics experience is Credo Beauty, an Ulta-esque take on cruelty-free and all-natural products.

Swapping out your beauty staples for kinder versions can often be daunting, but Credo Beauty is in place to help simplify the process by showing you exactly what's in the products you 're eyeing before you buy 'em.

The San Francisco-based startup, founded by beauty industry veteran Shashi Batra, aims to provide a "simple, elegant, and welcoming natural-beauty shopping destination."

Among the rows of Birchbox-like curated products is an game-changing tool called Healthy Swaps, which finds cruelty-free and non-toxic dupes of your favorite brands so you can make smarter purchases without ever feeling the stress of comparing labels.

If you don't see the product you love listed, Credo Beauty is more than willing to find you a better version using a simple request form.

Cofounder Annie Jackson, VP of merchandising and planning, told Fashionista the site is honored to work with beauty brands who hold tightly to company values. She said,

These brands have incredible founders behind them, these people who have taken such a risk... they believe in this mission that they're on. They get calls from Sephora and department stores and decline because they truly want to find a platform that supports their positioning, which I think is so brave.

If bravery and honesty are just as important to you as finding the perfect 'stick for Friday night's playful pout, check out Credo Beauty and get started on a whole new kind of beauty routine.