Couple Realizes They Crossed Paths 16 Years Before They Started Dating

In a romantically creepy twist of fate, a husband and wife from New Jersey realized they actually crossed paths 16 years before their first date, when they were kids in an amusement park.

What's even creepier about this is the faithful moment between the two was caught on a home video that resurfaced during the holidays last year.

Catalog under: the only old homemade video we want resurfacing during the family Christmas party.

Jourdan, the wife of Ryan Spencer, can be seen walking toward a ride in the home video at only 10 years old. Then, as Jourdan's mother is readjusting the camera focus, a 13-year-old Spencer walks through the frame in an eerie close-up.

There is a good chance you meet the one you will spend your life with at a young age, but sometimes, you don't realize that until you're older.

For these two, who were paired by friends on a blind date 16 years later, it seems like they finally got what they had been searching for all along: each other.

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