The Cop Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott Was Indicted For Murder

According to The Huffington Post, former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager, 33, was indicted this morning by a grand jury for the murder of Walter Scott, 50.

The South Carolina police officer fatally shot the unarmed black man after a traffic stop.

Slager pulled Scott over for a broken taillight on April 4.

Scott ran out of his vehicle when Slager was at his squad car. According to The New York Times, his family believes he ran to avoid being arrested for outstanding child support payments.

Once Slager caught up with Scott, a struggle occurred over the officer's Taser.

When Scott, who had four children and was engaged to be married, turned and ran away, he was shot at eight times.

Slager was arrested and fired from the police department days after the shooting.

North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers said he felt "sickened" by the video of the encounter.

Slager's charge could result 30 years or more in prison, The Post and Courier reports.

The date for his criminal trial is yet to be revealed.

Slager was named in two formal complaints prior to the shooting, one of which accused him of excessive force in using his Taser on a burglary suspect.

The shooting of Scott, however, was the first time he ever fired his handgun on patrol.

Attorneys for Scott's family plan to file a federal lawsuit in the coming months.

His younger brother, Rodney, reportedly said the family was "very pleased and happy" with the indictment.

Scott served in the Coast Guard in 1984 and was discharged under honorable conditions, according to the Times.

He was arrested approximately 10 times, mostly due to outstanding child support payments or missed court appearances.

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