Model's Insane 45-Inch Legs Are As Tall As An Average 7-Year-Old (Photos)


Every girl wants to strut her stuff in a pair of long, sexy supermodel legs.

However, 20-year-old Dong Lei takes having long legs to a whole new level.

While this Chinese model is used to being noticed for her beauty, she recently became an Internet sensation because of her insanely long legs.

Lei stands at a towering 5'11" -- not much taller than some of her fellow runway models -- but remarkably, her eye-catching legs are an incredible 45 inches long.

To put that in perspective for you, it's about the size of a 7-year-old kid.

Being tall definitely runs in her family, and Lei's genetic gift can be attributed to her  6'1" father and 5'7" mother.

Of her Internet fame, Lei said,

If one thing is certain, this girl could give a giraffe a run for its money.

Dong Lei might look like your average 20-year-old woman...

...except for the fact that this gorgeous Chinese model has some insanely long legs.

Lei hovers above others at a sky-high height of 5'11".

But what really makes Lei stand out is her 45-inch legs.

They're the same height as the average 7-year-old.

After appearing on the show "Supermodel," she quickly rose to supermodel stardom, and now, this leggy sensation is known as "tui tui" or "long legs" across China.

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