Why China And India May Be Responsible For The Crazy Winter In The US

In news that's making me really pissed off, China and India may be responsible for the severe winter the United States has been facing.

NPR reports the never-ending snowpocalypse in cities like New York and Boston may not just be caused by climate change.

A team of researchers thinks the air pollution created in these industrial powerhouses is causing clouds over the Pacific Ocean to be filled with much more precipitation than normal.

The pollution can even cause its own, larger clouds to be formed. These heavier clouds cause bigger, stronger storms to occur along the coasts of the Pacific.

The researchers believe these storms are partially to blame for the cold, wet winters on the East Coast and the drought in the West.

Luckily, a documentary about smog is going viral in China, and people in the country are beginning to realize the negative effects of industrialization.

Hopefully, the research will help leaders better understand the challenges of going green during an industrial age.

The following video shows the path different airborne particles, including dust, soot and fossil fuels take when traveling through the Earth's atmosphere.

NASA Climate Change on YouTube

It's clear that the effect of pollution made in any country spreads to just about everywhere.

Regardless, someone owes me a new pair of rain boots and a snow coat.

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