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Most Chill Baby Of All Time Throws Up The Peace Sign In The Womb (Photo)

I don't believe in much.

Fate, destiny, miracles: I think these concepts are all just ways we humans try to (unnecessarily) explain the things we can't understand.

Rarely do I take something to be a “sign” or a “message,” but occasionally, something beautiful happens that makes me question my jaded philosophy.

This story is one of those magical moments.

Expecting parents Ed and Dee Parsons had been feeling overwhelmed by the violence plaguing the world when they learned of the pregnancy.

The two Brits were a bit apprehensive — even regretful — that they'd be “bringing [the] child into the world at such a horrible time,” Dee explained.

At the 20-week-mark of their pregnancy, the two visited a doctor near their Surrey home.

What they saw was incredible: The baby, in the womb, had his or her fingers held up in a “v”-shape, the global sign for “peace.”

The surprised couple took it as an indicator of good luck.

Dee, 35, said,

Its nice to have such an iconic image of peace when there's so much unrest all around us. It was very reassuring. All of our friends said they thought it was such a positive, happy symbol.

The couple is thinking of naming the baby Winston if it's a boy, after Winston Churchill, the pioneer of the now-iconic peace sign.

She added,

But for now, we're calling it peace-baby.

Regardless of whether the gesture was a force of miracle or a simple coincidence, I can't help but feel it means something.

We wish the Parsons family the best of luck, happiness and, of course, peace.

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