Scary Orange Cloud Takes Over Sky After Chemical Explosion In Spain (Photos)

Under an eerie orange sky, residents of several small towns near Barcelona hid inside their homes for safety.

NBC reports at 9:45 am yesterday, a chemical explosion at a Simar facility created a massive cloud that hovered over Catalonia, Spain.

The violent orange shade was apparently caused by a reaction between two escaping chemicals, one of which was nitric acid.

Using the hashtag #Igualada, the name of one affected town, locals shared haunting images of the sky.


According to Reuters, residents of the cities under the cloud's shadow were advised to remain indoors and limit exposure to the potentially toxic cloud.

En @guillemgodayol ens alerta d'aquest incendi a #Igualada. — El matí de CatRàdio (@maticatradio) February 12, 2015

Police even closed some roads.

#sensefiltres #igualada Ara a igualada — Agustí Masip Estruch (@agustim) February 12, 2015

Of course, residents couldn't resist snapping photos of the awesome sky.

#Igualada #aramateix — Laura Pinyol Puig (@laurapinyol) February 12, 2015

Reports are circulating about an unknown number of chemical plant workers injured in the accident, which allegedly occurred while unloading a supply truck.

Impresionante (y amenazador) nube tóxica #Igualada tras explosión en planta química. Vecinos, CONFINADOS @ctrepat_TV3 — InfoEmergencias (@InfoEmerg) February 12, 2015

Hours later, the cloud is finally starting to disperse, but Catalonians surely won't forget this apocalyptic sight.


Reuters adds that although the ban has been partially lifted, the government still advises the elderly, ill and pregnant to remain indoors until the cloud fully dissipates.

Just imagine seeing this view from your window.

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