New Report Finally Reveals What Days Are The Cheapest To Book Flights

The secrets to purchasing the cheapest airline tickets have finally been exposed.

Step one is knowing when to book, and Thrillist cites a recent report from Expedia declaring that you can save up to $85 if you secure a domestic flight 57 days in advance.

In terms of international flights, you can save as much as $300 if you somehow manage to plan the greatest vacation of your life 171 days beforehand.

But don't buy your ticket on Friday, Saturday or Monday; those days will yield the highest prices.

You're better off making your purchase on a Tuesday, when you'll be offered about $28 less than the average price.

The average ticket costs $561 on Tuesday compared to $571 on Friday, Thrillist reports.

Booking a flight on a Tuesday three weeks in advance will knock that price down to $515.

Tuesday's tickets will only save you just over 5 percent, but Expedia's analysis of all domestic and international flights departing from the US says that's the best you can do.

You'll also want to avoid leaving Friday and returning on Saturday for both short- and long-haul flights.

Long-haul, by the way, is typically defined as a flight that lasts six hours or more.

According to Expedia, a long-haul flight that leaves on a Friday and gets back on a Saturday is 20 percent more expensive than one that leaves on Thursday and gets back on a Monday.

The cheapest short-haul flights will leave on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and return on one of those three days as well.

So if you're looking for maximum savings, just pretend you're a grumpy retiree.

Tuesday is paradise while Fridays and Saturdays absolutely suck.