Cats Are Wearing Colorful Scrunchies From The 90s To Keep Birds Away


The best part of owning a cat is being able to cuddle it. But the second best part? Dressing it up in embarrassing ways.

Mashable reports a Vermont-based company called Birdsbesafe came up with a creative way to stop outdoor cats from chowing down on local songbirds: a neon-hued cat collar cover resembling your favorite hair accessory from 1995.

According to the Birdsbesafe, songbirds have eyes specially designed for color detection.

Their eyes have more rods and a specialized fourth type of cone made for low light situations.

Birds are more likely to escape the claws of a hunting house cat if an animal that's normally gray, black or white suddenly becomes turquoise and magenta.

Thanks to the collars, cats are anything but sly hunters.

Of course, cats prefer to be composed and dignified.

In the interest of protecting local environments, however, owners are more than willing to put the ruffled collars on their felines for short periods of time.

ABC Australia reports a Murdoch University two-year study, which included more than 100 predatory cats, showed significant reductions in deaths when the cats wore colors.

The scrunchies cover pre-existing cat collars, acting as flashy but functional sleeves.

They range in price from $10 to $15.

Birdsbesafe scrunchies are quite the style statement.