This Cat's Bitchy Resting Face Is Even Better Than Grumpy Cat's (Photos)

by Emily Arata

An Internet-famous cat named Albert has a sweet, warm personality.

Like so many of us with chronic resting bitch face, however, you'd never be able to tell from the outside.

The woolly-looking cat, a Selkirk Rex, is so photogenic he's the subject of two Instagram accounts. “Pompous” Albert is clearly 2015's answer to Grumpy Cat.

Albert and his owner are residents of Salt Lake City.

There, they play together and even clock the same hours at the office.

He's one of Sagebrush Fine Art's unofficial cats in residence.

That means Albert is welcome to spend the whole day swatting at printers and purring at customers.

Some buildings have fearsome gargoyles for protection, but Sagebrush has Albert.

They're equally forbidding.

Most haircuts open up the face, but Albert's only makes him look crankier.

He looks distinctly unamused.

Think you can escape Albert's glare by working? Nope.

He'll find you.

He's like the overbearing manager you just can't avoid.

There's something so adorable about it, though.

Albert is too fluffy to be truly intimidating.

He might as well be a crabby stuffed animal.

Well, until the lights go down.

Just imagine Albert's face being the first thing you see in the morning.

Grump and all.

Albert's owner sometimes records videos of the cat purring, just to prove he really does.

All that attitude is just an illusion.

Angry Albert is all of us.

He's just a little fluffier than most.

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