Heroic Cat Stops A Toddler From Touching The Hot Stove (Video)

It's no secret cats are smart animals. But, just how smart are they?

Watch and see.

In this video, a heroic super-kitty saved a toddler from certain pain.

The ivory kitty was strolling through the kitchen when it saw the toddler fiddling around with knobs on the oven.

At first, the cat simply watched on, but the brilliant feline quickly realized the little guy was in danger of badly burning himself.

So, it leapt to action, embracing the child's arms in its paws to gently guide them away from the stovetop.

Though it appears the stove was off, the cat didn't know that. If the stove had been on, the cat would've saved the child from disaster. Ergo, the pet is now a heroic super-kitty.

See the adorable footage up top.

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