This Adorable Cat Definitely Has A Better Sense Of Style Than You

Step aside, Chiara Ferragni. Move over, Anna Wintour.

Albert Baby Cat is here, and he's taking over your throne.

Albert Baby Cat, for the unfamiliar, is a pint-sized, blue-eyed, fluff ball of a kitty with a fashion sense that rivals that of even the most distinguished sartorial set.

ABC, as I like to call him, has a pretty solid Instagram following -- over 63,000 followers -- and is on the fast track to kitty stardom. Owner Christine Look hopes to get the kitty into acting (preferably alongside mega-hunks like Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig).

If we're being honest, ABC is far too cute to have to work like a peasant.

He'd be better suited lounging on a throne in a king's robes while his canine slaves dutifully drop bite-sized treats into his mouth at his beck and meow.

Check out some snaps of the pretty kitty below and follow him on Instagram for more -- that way, you'll be relieved of litter duty when he (inevitably) becomes reigning King of the World (if only the fashion one).

St. Patrick's Day, à la Albert Baby Cat.

May the purrs be with you.

Style Star: Albert Baby Cat.

Sk8r Cat.

ABC's Superbowl Ensemble.

Black paw affair.

Spa Day for ABC!


ABC's cooking up something.

ABC only travels in style.

Why, hello, Mr. Cats-by.

Hawaii vibes.

Chunky sweaters are always in.

Nothing to wear.

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