This Cat With Alien-Like Eyes Will Definitely Win Your Heart (Photos)


Move aside, Grumpy Cat. Later, Lil Bub.

There's a new InstaKitty who's stealing all our hearts, and her name is Matilda.

Matilda -- who is half cat, half alien and all adorable -- has eyes the size of quarters that bug out of her fluffy little face in the cutest way.

She's extra(terrestrially) awesome.

Matilda's alien eyes are actually caused by a disease called luxation, which causes the lens of the eye to become detached. Because of this, lil 'Tilly is blind -- but she feels no pain and lives a happy life, getting all of the love a kitty could possibly need.

The rescue kitty is worshipped by her owners, who write on the cat's website,

No matter what happens, her servants think she's perfect and beautiful and will love and care for her the absolute best way that they can for however long this little alien is here.

They've also set up a fundraising page to help other animals with medical conditions.

Donate there, and then look at all the cuteness you're helping to support below.

Meet Matilda!

She comes in peace.

She's an alien kitty from meow-ter space.

Look at her *~hypnotizing*~ eyes.

They weren't always this way...

...In fact, her inner alien took a long time to totally take over.

Matilda has over 40,000 Instagram followers!

And all of them love this little bug as if she were their own.

Though she's blind, she can see how much she's adored.

And she's the happiest kitty there ever was.

Jeepers creepers, lil 'Tilly….

...Where'd you get those peepers?!

Follow Matilda and her wonderful buggy eyes here.

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