10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Responds To Bullies With Powerful Message

Dominic Zaffino isn't bothered by bullies. At just 10 years old, he's already beat cancer.

The Hatfield, Pennsylvania boy has been at the center of a media whirlwind after posting an Instagram response to those who pick on him for being short for his age.

His smaller-than-average height is, FOX 29 reports, the result of about three years of chemotherapy.

Instead of complaining about the insults thrown his way, Dominic took to social media to let his peers know he doesn't feel bad about being different. Inside, he's stronger than his tormentors.

The young boy told ABC 7 his message goes out to every other kid who deals with harassment, saying,

I thought that maybe it would help some kids that can't stand up, help them in a way... I would say don't judge someone before you get know what they have actually been through.

The post, which reportedly got support from celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Questlove, is a strong stand against the cruelty of bullying.

Dominic may be short for his age, but it's not stopping his growing confidence.

In his viral Instagram post from one week ago, Dominic stands strong.

Questlove, drummer for The Roots, even reposted Dominic's Instagram, calling him an "amazing human being."

Dominic is proving himself to be a role model for bullied kids who find it difficult to hold their heads up each day.

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