81-Year-Old Cancer Patient Called 911 Because He Didn't Have Any Food

Most 911 calls involve a fire or robbery, but that wasn't the case for Clarence Blackmon. All the 81-year-old Army veteran wanted was someone to bring him groceries.

WTVD reports the Fayetteville, North Carolina man phoned the emergency number upon returning home from more than a year of cancer treatment in the hospital.

Blackmon says his doctor gave him an estimated six months left to live.

Phone operator Marilyn Hinson answered Blackmon's call on Tuesday and listened to the man explain how he had no way of getting to the grocery store because he couldn't get out of his chair.

Living alone, Blackmon was left without options.

Hinson reportedly secured permission from her supervisor before leaving for the grocery store.

She picked up beans, ham and a few other basic supplies for the elderly man. Hinson even made Blackmon a "feast" of a few ham sandwiches. He called it a "miracle."

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