Canadian Sex Positions Will Make You Want To Go Down South Up North (Video)

by Madeline Concannon

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who think this commercial is sexy and people who think it's hilarious.

In Durex's new commercial, appropriately titled “Play, Eh?,” couples are featured doing Canadian-themed sex positions.

Admittedly, this video had a sexy start, and it was something I think we could all get behind (insert winking emoji).

But then it happened.

The first position was referred to as “The Maple Cinnamon Twist.”

Maybe I'm the minority here, but imagine how funny it would be to suggest trying “The Maple Cinnamon Twist” to your partner -- or, in light of yesterday being Canada Day, suggesting “The Maple Leaf” when you want to get adventurous in bed while simultaneously expressing your devotion to The Great White North.

I'm all about visiting Niagara Falls and eating doughnuts, but I guess I'm just not turned on by bringing those things into the bedroom.

No judgement if you're Inuit, though.