Miss BumBum Contestant Shows Graphic Effects Of Butt Implants (NSFW)

by Emily Arata

A Brazilian model, famous for her derriere, has published graphic photos showing how disastrously wrong body augmentation can turn out.

Andressa Urach, 27, who gained publicity as a runner-up for the 2012 Miss BumBum contest, reportedly received injections of hydrogel and PMMA in her thighs five years ago.

They are just a small portion of Urach's reported nine plastic surgery procedures, which have also included vaginoplasty and breast augmentation.

Her body rejected the foreign material, resulting in pain that forced doctors to partially drain her thighs twice this past year, according to reports by the Daily Mail.

But the situation continued to worsen when her injections turned septic. Her health went rapidly downhill, resulting in respiratory failure during her hospitalization between November and December.

Our Lady of Conception hospital reportedly denies allegations that Urach suffered cardiac arrest.

After one more failed drainage attempt, doctors were forced to remove her implants entirely.

The disturbing images show gaping holes in the sides of Urach's legs that appear to have been stuffed with filler.

The nightmare may be nearly over for Urach, who was originally told to prepare herself for the potential amputation of one leg.

Urach continues to heal under the supervision of medical staff and her mother, Marisete De Favari, who has publicly asked for prayers and support from the former TV presenter's fans.

The pictures show the extreme dangers of cosmetic procedures, often undertaken lightly.

In a statement to Brazil's R7 network, Urach confirmed she'd been released from the hospital just in time to celebrate Christmas Eve with her mother and son.

Urach has since been photographed on the beaches of Florianópolis, Brazil, with bandages still in place.

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