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There's Actually A Job Opening In Germany For A 'Brothel Tester'


The brothels of Germany are in need of a credible individual to evaluate the quality of their establishments.

According to CNBC, a social network for prostitutes, clients and brothel owners all over the globe called ("Purchase Me") has posted an ad for a "brothel tester."

Responsibilities of the selected candidate consist of rating the performance and cleanliness at different brothels as well as their dedication to safe sex.'s product manager, who only goes by Ben, told CNBC the candidate's findings will be posted on the website to educate potential visitors.

Ben says,

The ideal "tester" would have a college degree and preferably speak German and another language (French if possible) fluently.

Other requirements include a well-groomed appearance, certificate for good health and "practical experience of several years of brothel visits."

The ad also states,

The first assignments will be Berlin brothels, but the work will eventually expand throughout the rest of Germany, where prostitution is entirely legal.

About 150 people have expressed interest so far, Ben said, with applicants hailing from a variety of countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

Founded in 2009, is said to be worth millions and has over 120 employees based in Germany, Spain and China, Newsweek reports.

Cofounder Julius Dreyer told Newsweek,

Germany's sex workers are taxed and provided health insurance like people in any other industry.

They also receive social security benefits and can even sue their employers if they feel they aren't being paid adequately.

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