You'll Love How These Young Boys React When Asked To Slap A Girl (Video)

Usually, men are told to grow up and act more mature -- not take cues from their younger counterparts.

But one Italian video journalist just proved that in some cases, children can be as wise as -- if not wiser than -- adults.

As part of a social experiment, journalist Luca Lavarone gathered several young boys between the ages of 6 and 11, as well as one girl around the same age.

The boys are introduced to the girl, named Martina, one by one and asked to follow a set of commands, such as "make a funny face at her" and "caress her." To these, each boy obliges without hesitation.

But then Lavarone makes a harsher demand. He directs each boy to slap Martina.

In this case, every boy refuses the directive. When prompted, the boys explain their refusal to harm Martina. These explanations -- which range from "It's never okay to hit a girl" to "I'm against violence" -- will move you to tears.

The young boys display an incredible maturity and inherent sense of respect that you wouldn't expect to find in someone of such a young age. The video helps to show that violence and aggression are not inherent male traits, suggesting they're learned and can, therefore, be stopped.

The video was created by Fanpage.It as sort of a public service announcement against domestic violence.

Though unconventional, we think this video could prove a major success -- at the very least, it really makes you think.

You'd expect young boys to follow any command they're given, but these boys know that violence is never okay, and their absolute resistance to it is incredibly powerful. It'll resonate with you, and that's exactly the point.

See the video up top.

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