Best Boyfriend Ever Puts 365 Love Notes In A Jar For His Girlfriend (Photos)

by Emily Arata

In search of the perfect gift, one Redditor gave his girlfriend 365 handwritten notes proving she's loved.

Irish user TheOnlyOne87 searched high and low for a Mason jar big enough to hold a year's worth of wishes.

He finally found one, and with green, yellow and pink stationary in hand, this dedicated boyfriend went to work.

Yellow stands for memories, pink for the reasons he loves her and green for quotes and lyrics that make him feel a little bit emotional.

TheOnlyOne87 also clarifies he's known this girl for eight years, so there were plenty of stored up moments to write down.

In the end, the payoff was worth all the mental exercise; TheOnlyOne87 told Reddit his girlfriend cried tears of joy.

This project was an impressive undertaking.

Here's the completed jar.

Multicolored notes keep the jar festive.

He even included a helpful label about the jar's color-coded system.

Although other versions of the "365 Jar" exist all over Pinterest, no one else went into this detail.

Hard work went into these hundreds of love notes. Still searching for a holiday gift idea? This might be your answer.

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