8-Year-Old Writes Michelle Obama Because He's Really Mad About Ketchup Packets


An 8-year-old boy has written a letter to Michelle Obama critiquing several controversial policies, most notably the amount of ketchup that can be offered in school lunches.

The boy's father scanned the letter and emailed a copy to the conservative blog The Weekly Standard after he found it on his son's desk.

The father said that his son, Peter, was motivated to address the First Lady after seeing a report saying she supports the implementation of strict caloric limits on school lunches.

That story also said kids might, therefore, only be allowed to use one packet of ketchup because two would exceed the meal's calorie limit.

Peter began writing as soon as he was informed of this atrocity.

His father told The Weekly Standard,

The letter begins with Peter declaring the US had made "great choices" before electing Barack Obama.

Peter writes,

The boy then suggests the president take more action in the Middle East and change the way he speaks to the nation.

He continues,

Peter even mentions the Islamic State and unrest in Ukraine before ending his letter, which he signs "A concerned 8 year old [sic] citizen."

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