11-Year-Old Sold His Toys To Support His Twin Brother With Down Syndrome

Jason Clark will go to any lengths to help out his twin, Aaron, who was born with Down syndrome.

The 11-year-old learned sign language, protected his brother from bullies and, astonishingly, raised about $600 (£400) for Aaron's school.

Daily Mail reports the Clark family, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, is happy to see the boys grow together.

The twins' mother, Lynn, sometimes even relies on Jason to translate Aaron's immediate needs. She says it's just a result of the fact they're “incredibly close.”

Naturally, Jason wanted to thank the place that's helped Aaron develop his skills: the Greenacre School, which is designed for special needs students.

He set to work, creating a charity initiative called Suport The Noun and managing local fundraisers throughout the past year, including donation boxes in local businesses.

Jason reportedly hosted a party for his friends, and even sold many of his old possessions – like toys and books – to drum up funds for the school.

Lynn told press, "I feel so proud of Jason -- he really is a very caring child... He has always had such a loving personality and been so protective over Aaron."

According to the doting mother, Jason recently explained his long-term goal to begin his own business and financially support Aaron throughout his life.

Jason, who grew up quickly as a result of Aaron's condition, is set to provide the support only a twin can.

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