Boy Donates Hot Cocoa Stand Profits To Hospital That Saved His Friend

Tristan Regini wanted to thank the hospital that saved his best friend's life, but he wasn't sure how.

So, the 8-year-old began a nonprofit cocoa stand in his Denver neighborhood and since raised over $3,000.

Tristan's best friend, 8-year-old Cade Humphreys, has been cancer-free for nearly a year after rigorous treatments from the Children's Hospital Colorado in 2013.

The little boy wanted to ensure the hospital had the funds to keep saving other boys' and girls' best friends.

Tristan opened his charitable hot chocolate on February 28 and soon caught the attention of a local news crew. After the report aired, he pulled in $400 that weekend alone.

Soon, responses came pouring in from viewers touched by his quest to give back.

By the time 9News caught up with him a week later, Tristan's profits skyrocketed to the thousands. There's even an online fund that has garnered more than $2,000.

Tristan told press,

I've been more excited because I've raised more money. If there was no money at the Children's Hospital there would be no Children's Hospital.

According to 9News, hot chocolate brand Swiss Miss even reached out to help Tristan and Cade. The company donated over $1,000 and hot cocoa packets to Tristan's effort.

Tristan is grateful to have Cade back, cancer-free.