Blue Man Group Gives 3D-Printed Arm To Boy Who Had His Amputated (Video)

One 12-year-old boy from Florida recently received a life-changing gift -- and it's all thanks to his favorite performers, Blue Man Group.

Wyatt was just a week old when he lost his right arm in an emergency amputation.

For the past several months, the preteen boy -- who falls on the autism spectrum -- has been waiting to receive a prosthetic arm. His dream: a “Blue Man” arm, to honor his heroes.

When the performers caught wind of Wyatt's wish, they teamed up with prosthetic company Limbitless to create a custom Blue Man 3D-printed limb for the young boy.

During a recent show, the group brought Wyatt backstage and surprised him with the robotic limb of his dreams.

A video uploaded to Blue Man Groups' YouTube channel shows the boy's incredible reaction to the awesome surprise.

It's crazy sweet and a really inspiring story, to boot.

Check it out up top.

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