Bird Feeds Adorable Dog Friend By Dropping Spaghetti Into Its Mouth (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

There is some serious love between these two very different pets.

As you’ll see in the video up top -- graciously posted to YouTube by America’s Funniest Home Videos' Animals channel -- a helpful bird is feeding a dog spaghetti by dropping the noodles into its mouth.

This is awesome in so many ways, but mostly because of what it might possibly mean.

The way the bird feeds the Beagle in this video is similar to how mother birds feed their young.

So, you could argue this little birdie feels protective over the pup, and by feeding it like it would its own offspring, it's displaying said affection.

Of course, I could be projecting -- but it’s possible. What the motivation behind this hilarious and impossibly cute display of feeding is, we may never know.

What we do know: This is ridiculously cute, and watching it will improve your mood by approximately 43 percent.

So check it out up top.