This 3-Year-Old May Actually Be The Most Beautiful Child In The World (Videos)

Aiden J. Garcia is a 3-year-old New York-based model with an unforgettable head of red curls.

Aiden, who has previously been featured in ad campaigns for Gap, has an infectious smile and the personality to match.

The photogenic child star even has his own Instagram, where his "momager" posts daily photos of his antics.

Garcia has more than 31,000 followers who watch his adventures in school and modeling.

Meet Aiden J. Garcia.

He's got the Blue Steel pose down.

He looks fresh in a stylish denim jacket.

Aiden's red mane is his trademark.

But his shy smile is adorable, too.

Aiden's modeling career is just taking off.

By the looks of it, he already knows his best angles.

Aiden poses for a "back to school" snapshot.

He gives side-eye that rivals Queen Bey's.

And occasionally Aiden rocks a temporary tattoo.

Here's a #TBT to Aiden's younger days.

But he's growing up quickly now.

Aiden's reading, writing and winning our hearts.

With that angelic face, he'll have no trouble getting gigs.

Watch his dedication to his favorite rapper, 50 Cent.

Photos courtesy: Instagram