Awesome Barber Uses His Days Off To Give Free Haircuts To The Homeless

Not everyone is able to give back while still doing what he or she loves.

But for Nasir Sobhani, that's a big part of his life story!

The tattooed barber is quickly gaining recognition for his undeniable generosity: Sobhani offers free quality haircuts to the homeless.

In a recent documentary shot by PLGRM, the creator of the "Clean Cut Clean Start" initiative elaborates on his mission and explains how kind gestures make all the difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Check out the photos and the video below!

Here is Nasir Sobhani, a barber making headlines for all of the right reasons.

Sobhani figured out how to give back to people while still doing what he's passionate about.

The skilled barber, who works six days a week, uses his one day off to give free haircuts to the homeless.

Since overcoming his drug addiction, Sobhani strives to positively influence the lives of those still struggling.

His story proves there are ways to change people's lives for the better while still doing what you love the most.

Check out the documentary below.