It's So F*cking Hot In Arizona, People Baked Cookies On A Car Dashboard


Summer may have only (officially) started three days ago, but it's already shaping up to be a record-breaking season.

Case in point: Just last week, Arizona was hit with a heat wave so intense, members of a local news crew actually baked cookies in a car.


On Thursday, when it hit 115 degrees in Phoenix, 12 News decided to test out the hyperbolic expression,

But instead of cooking an egg, the crew decided to make something infinitely more delicious: chocolate chip cookies.

The team of experimenters parked a car in the sun, put a tray full of raw cookie dough on the dashboard and set a timer to see how long the cookies would take to cook fully — if, that is, it worked at all.

The experiment began at 1:30 pm, when the sun was strongest, and by 5:45 pm, the sweaty scientists were rewarded for their efforts with a tray full of soft, gooey and fully-cooked cookies.

The crew filmed the tasty test and edited the footage down to a short video you can watch below.

While the experiment itself was simply for fun, 12 News hopes it will remind viewers how blisteringly hot cars can get in the summer — too hot, it insists, for any person or animal to withstand for any extended period of time.

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