Time To Switch Majors: Research Shows Art Students Have The Most Sex

There has been plenty of research to show that having sex every day makes us more creative individuals, but new research involving 11,549 British students says art majors are actually having more sex than any other college student.

So which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are creative people more likely to enjoy sex, or does sex get our creative juices flowing?

The Huffington Post reports that only 1 percent of participants studying the arts were virgins while 10 percent of computer science majors still hadn't had sex.

The same survey reported that creative majors had an average of 8.2 sexual partners halfway through their college careers.

So, you know you have to multiply that by three. Seriously, are we actually expecting college students to tell us the truth about the amount of sex they're having?

First of all, everyone lies about his or her "number."

Some people want to be thought of as a sexual champion, and then there are some students who want to remain low key about the whole sex thing.

To be perfectly honest, I might feel uncomfortable giving out my number of partners to a complete stranger who's gathering data about my sexy time for science.

However, the survey concludes that our future artists are romping much more than Silicon Valley could ever dream of.

But our tech buddies will have the last laugh. As Forbes says, the computer science majors make the most money in life while majors like social sciences and art are the lowest-earning degrees.

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