A Politician Gave His 'Possessed' Adopted Daughters To A Rapist

An Arkansas state representative unknowingly gave away his two adopted daughters to a rapist because, according to sources, he thought they were possessed by demonic spirits.

Daily Mail reports that Rep. Justin Harris adopted the two girls, who were 2 and 4 years old at the time, in March of 2013 after they had been living in the family's home since October of the previous year.

The girls had suffered sexual abuse under the care of their biological mother and grew up around meth addicts. Despite sources saying he and his wife were warned against it, Harris insisted on the adoption.

A former babysitter for the girls revealed to the Arkansas Times last week that Harris and his wife, Marsha, soon became convinced that the children were possessed due to behavioral problems and alleged violent threats.

Chelsey Goldsborough, who began babysitting the kids in late 2012, said the older child was locked in a room away from the rest of the family because they believed she and her sister could talk to each other using only their minds.

The room was only opened to provide the girl food and water and contained a camera connected to a monitor that Goldsborough used to keep an eye on her.

Harris claimed the two girls were threatening to murder him, his wife and their three sons, and that one of them had crushed the family's guinea pig to death.

Goldsborough said the couple once showed her a picture of one of the girls with what they thought was a demon protruding from her body.

It's alleged they eventually had exorcists come from Alabama to free the girls of their demons while the rest of the family stood outside the home.

When the behavior did not stop, the Harrises say they tried to give the girls back to the Department of Human Services but were told they would be charged with abandonment.

So they put the girls under the custody of Eric Francis and his wife in October of 2013.

Francis, who taught at a religious preschool owned by Harris, would go on to be convicted of raping the older child.

He had been caring for the children for more than a year before he was arrested for sexual assault and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The girls were given to a foster family in early 2014.

Their new foster mother told the Arkansas Times that the girls have not been violent.

She said,

We are deeply grieved over Justin Harris' accusations toward our daughters in order to self-protect; it is inexcusable. These girls are happy, healthy children who have gone through things no child should ever have to endure. Since they have been home with us, they have adjusted beautifully and are thriving in our home with unconditional love and patience.

The couple that cared for the children before the Harrises gave a similar description of their behavior.

Harris said at a recent press conference that he and his wife will not be charged for their treatment of the girls.

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