New App Makes You Sound Smarter By Improving Your Texting Vocabulary

by Emily Arata

Using the same words in every text message can become boring over time, but no matter what your English professor told you, hitting the thesaurus is too time-consuming.

Enter Words U, the app designed to improve your vocabulary and impress your friends at the same time.

Words U, designed partially to help college students master SAT vocabulary, automatically replaces words in your text messages with more advanced equivalents.

With a little help from the app, you'll be learning new words every day. Word U even has an option to look up the definition of each word used.

Cofounder Allan Zhang reportedly hopes to see the app used to build English language skills for non-native speakers. Its thesaurus capabilities will help ESL students gain a larger vocabulary than what's used colloquially.

As noted by The Next Web, Words U sometimes struggles with connotation in the context of conversations, but the majority of the time, it teaches high-level English like a pro.

If Zhang and his team experience success, they hope to roll out the app in multiple languages, including French and Spanish.

Soon, we'll all be texting like The Bard himself.

Words U is perfect for broke college students because it doesn't cost a penny.

For $6.99, you can even purchase bonus vocabulary packs. Happy texting!

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