This Hot Veterinarian Posing With Cute Animals Will Make You Melt (Photos)

by Gillian Fuller

Ordinarily, going to the veterinarian is a drag for both the pet and the human.

But, Californian exotic animal specialist Dr. Evan Antin is no ordinary vet: He's America's sexiest, according to People magazine.

One look at him and you'll be making up excuses to bring Fido in for a checkup on the daily.

The 30-year-old animal doctor — who, by the way, moonlights as a model — lives in California and has worked at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital for over a year, though he also spends lots of time helping animals overseas.

Officially dubbed the country's “Sexiest Beast Charmer,” Antin initially gained interest in veterinary medicine accidentally.

He said,

It started with fear, like 'that's such a weird animal...' But then it turned into fascination.

Sadly, he's taken — by one extremely lucky lady, we might add — but the rest of us can enjoy his beauty by stalking checking his Facebook and Twitter.

Check him out below.

This man and dog are tied in cuteness.

His title as "Sexiest Vet" is well-earned.

Plus, is there anything sexier than a man who loves animals?

And travels!?


*Inappropriate thoughts*

Congratulations to his fiancée for landing such a stud.

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