Couple’s Amazing Workout Combines Exercise And Romance Like Never Before (Video)

Getting hot and sweaty with your partner is a great way to keep a relationship going strong.

And no, I’m not referring to sex — although that never hurts. I’m talking about exercise.

According to Fitday, working out with a buddy is a surefire way to help you achieve your fitness goals. And who better to work out with than your significant other?

Brazilian couple Jaco Excellence and Natalia Chichos show us how it's done. They make working out look both fun and sexy in their video "Fit Together is Fit Forever."

Plus, new research says pairing wine with exercise is great for your heart, and what's sexier than wine and your half-naked, sweat-soaked lover?

Nothing, we say. So get going on those crunches, and who knows what those endorphins will have you doing next. Whatever it is, it’ll be better than ever.

H/T: A Plus