An 'Abortion Drone' Will Be Sent To Poland To Drop Drugs To Women

by Madeline Concannon

Due to the oppressive abortion laws in Poland, a drone is scheduled to drop medical abortion pills in the country for Polish women in need.

This “abortion drone” will be sent by Women on Waves, a nonprofit organization providing medical abortion pills around the world.

Although the Dutch organization usually sends these pills through the mail, the drone will drop World Health Organization-approved abortion pills over a Polish town, near the border of Germany on Saturday.

Once the pills land, they will be collected and distributed by women's groups.

Since 1993, abortions in Poland have been restricted to cases of rape or incest and cases where the fetus is detrimental to the mother's health or is seriously damaged.

As a result, there are an estimated 50,000 illegal abortions conducted each year, in addition to the thousands of women flying to England to receive safe and legal abortions.

Although the drones are not considered illegal, it will be illegal for the Polish women to take the pills without approval from physicians or prosecutors who determine whether the abortions follow the country's strict conditions.

However, for the women who don't meet these requirements and still take the pills, there is no punishment; it is the doctors who face imprisonment for up to two years for performing an abortion that violates the law.

The drone will drop mifepristone and misoprostol -- pills with the same health impact as spontaneous miscarriages.

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