This New Brain-Enhancing Pill Will Be Available To The Masses Over The Counter

by Alexia LaFata

Alleradd is a new drug that sounds strikingly similar to Adderall and performs essentially the same function: It enhances your cognitive functions, only it's being marketed as a nutritional supplement instead of an amphetamine-based prescription.

This new supplement promises users that it "elevates your energy, enhances your memory, and helps you find your focus, even if you are tired or stressed out."

Alleradd is one of many "smart drugs" called nootropics designed to boost attention span, cognitive function and memory, even on perfectly healthy brains.

While taking a prescription ADHD drug, a friend of Lucas Siegel, the CEO of AlternaScript, the makers of Alleradd, committed suicide. Seigel and his friends didn't realize the depth with which a prescription ADHD medication could affect people, so they wanted to find safe, legal alternatives to increase their brain power.

Seigel and his friends researched multiple nootropic supplements in medical journals and online, experimenting on themselves to discover which combination worked the best.

Seigel says,

Once we had come up with a really good formula, we would make it, package it ourselves in our house — in my parents' basement, actually — and we would take it ourselves and hand it out to people and see what they thought.

Alleradd is now manufactured in a supplement lab, making sure its ingredients are safely mixed and sourced. Nobody has reported any major side effects except headaches (due to the caffeine), which can be cured with some water.

Other ingredients include niacin, vitamins, plant extracts said to have nootropic power, and GABA, a neurotransmitter said to reduce edginess from caffeine.

Unlike other similarly marketed supplements, Alleradd doesn't contain some of the controversial nootropic ingredients like piracetam, a nootropic not tightly regulated in the US.

Looks like college students across the country can replace their all-nighter-inducing Adderall with something that might (probably not) be a little safer.

via Vice, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr