A Kim Kardashian Look Alike Is The Leader Of A Violent Mexican Drug Cartel (Photos)

For most, imagining a worse version of Kim Kardashian is a pretty hard task. Unfortunately, Claudia Ochoa Felix, aka The Empress of Antrax, is precisely that: She's a Kim Kardashian look alike/leader of a Mexican kill squad.

Claudia is apparently the new leader of the Los Antrax hit squad, an elite crew that handles the executions and revenge attacks ordered by the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Just as you'd expect from a murderous Kim Kardashian, she carries her signature AK-47 to keep her typically tough and masculine work fun and feminine.

Just like her idol, she loves to post selfies in skin-tight outfits and bathing suits. But at least Kimmy K has enough decency not to post pictures with a leopard or baby North West surrounded by stacks of money, unlike Claudia.

Previously led by her now imprisoned lover, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga, the Sinaloa cartel has been named as "the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world" by US intelligence sources. In fact, much of the heroin smuggled into America is thought to have been brought in by this cartel.

Aside from killing thousands of people in the name of the Sinaloa cartel, they are also responsible for the security of the cartel's boss, Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada.

As if her involvement with this cartel wasn't already overkill (see what I did there?), she was previously married to a drug smuggler, "El Chavo'"Felix, with whom she has three children.

Despite a lifestyle that is an obvious cry for attention, she managed to remain under the public radar until Yurina Castillo Torres, 23, was shot dead on May 7 after being mistaken for Claudia. Apparently, they looked alike and were from the same area.

Even though there's a hit out for her, nothing can keep Claudia from getting her dance on at the nightclubs in Mazatlan, Culiacan and Guadalajara.

In fact, she denies any involvement with criminal organizations and believes these claims against her to be "cowardly lies and slander" because she is clearly a woman with distinct class and integrity.

H/T: IB Times, Photo Courtesy: Twitter