95-Year-Old Man Breaks The World Record For The 200-Meter Dash (Video)

Get ready to feel like the laziest lump of lard ever.

Charles Eugster, 95, just set a new World Record for the 200-meter sprint while competing at the British Masters Athletic events in London.

The record for the 95-and-older age group was previously held by Orville Rogers, an American who completed the dash in 57.88 seconds. The new record-holder, Eugster, completed the run in just 55.48 seconds.

And that’s not all: The Silver Grey Sports Club reports that Eugster broke the record for the 60-meter dash the previous day, while last year, he set new records for both the outdoor 100- and 200-meter dashes.

Meanwhile, the only records I’m breaking involve how much food I can eat in one sitting.

Feeling bad about your life choices yet?

Watch the video up top and feel worse. Then drown your sorrows in some chocolate. YOLO, right?